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Suiseki : The Japanese Art of Miniature Landscape Stones by Felix Rivera

This is one of the first books on Suiseki from a North American perspective. In addition to 16 pages of colored plates, it has chapters on the history, aesthetics, classification, collecting, evaluating, and displaying of suiseki.

. Dr. Felix G. Rivera is founder of the California Suiseki Society.

$20.96 from Amazon

Suiseki : Classic Japanese Stone Gardening by Willi Benz

A wonderful introduction to the art of suiseki. Chapters include history, aesthetics, extensive information on classification, collecting, preparing the stone, and display. A very thorough section is on making daiza, the traditional wooden display bases.

Willi Benz is president of the German Suiseki Society

$20.96 from Amazon

Suiseki & Viewing Stones : An American Perspective by Melba Tucker

Melba Tucker was involved with bonsai and suiseki for over 30 years. She became interested in the landscapes and stones unique to America, and in particular those of the desert Southwest. This book features many unique desert stone photographs.


$17.95 from Amazon

The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation: Suiseki and Its Use With Bonsai by Vincent T. Covello, Yuji Yoshimura

This thorough introduction to the art of Suiseki presents historical overview, Japanese concepts, terminology and classification guide, base carving, advise on display, and using Suiseki in interior design and with bonsai.

$15.95 from Amazon

The Spirit of Gongshi: Chinese Scholar's Rocks by Kemin Hu

This book focuses on the rock art of China, called Gongshi, scholar's rocks or spirit rocks. They are characterized by a more upright and convoluted form, and more elaborate display stands. There is a short introduction and classification section, and the majority of the work presents color plates of many well-known collections.

$40.00 from Amazon

Worlds Within Worlds: The Richard Rosenblum Collection of Chinese Scholars' Rocks by Robert D. Mowry, Claudia Brown, Asia Society, Richard Rosenblum

A catalogue of the exhibition of the Rosenblum collection at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum at Harvard University. It has extensive commentary on each plate, and includes many research and technical articles on the collection.

$31.50 from Amazon


Awakening the Soul" The National Viewing Stone Collection of the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum of the U.S. National Arboretum, Washington D.C

A catalogue of the exhibition at the National Arboretum. It includes stones from Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, China, and North America.

$43.90 Softbound from the National Bonsai Foundation

Spirit Stones of China: The Ian and Susan Wilson Collection of Chinese Stones, Paintings, and Related Scholars' Objects By Stephen Little

This catalogue, which accompanies an exhibition of more than thirty-five sacred Chinese stones, along with related paintings and objects from the Ian and Susan Wilson Collection, explores the history of stone collecting in China and the connections between stones, Taoist philosophy, cosmology, garden design, interior decoration, painting, and woodblock printing. Extracts from historical Chinese texts such as the Shu Jing (Classic of History; tenth century B.C.), Yunlin shipu (Stone Compendium of the Cloudy Forest, 1127/32), and Su Yuan shipu (Stone Compendium of the Plain Garden; 1613) add lively contexts to this study

$35.00 from the Art Institute of Chicago

China's Rare Stones Shanghai Chinese Classics

Over 600 color illustrations, text in Chinese and English, boards, slip-cased, Shanghai, 1994 $90 250 pages, 8.8" x 12" Soft Cover

$90.00 from Spirit e-mail

Penjing : Worlds of Wonderment: A Journey Exploring an Ancient Chinese Art and Its History, Cultural Background, and Aesthetics by Zhao Qingquan, Karin Albert (Translator)

Explores the ancient art of penjing (Chinese landscape bonsai), the forerunner of bonsai Artist/author is an internationally acclaimed third generation Chinese master Recommended by six nationally and internationally known artists and teachers Excellent reviews in Library Journal (Dec. '97); Choice (March '98); The Bookwatch (April '98) as well as in bonsai and garden magazines For anyone interested in Oriental gardening, arts and culture "This is a gorgeous, gorgeous book, on a rarely-seen, elegant art form." M. Patterson, Granville, Massachussetts, USA Hardcover, 144 pp, 11 x 9-1/2", 244 color photos US$39.95 The "definitive" book on Penjing, now in its 2nd printing.

$39.95 from Amazon

Mountains in the Sea : The Vietnamese Miniature Landscape Art of Hon Non Bo by Van Lit Phan, Lew Buller, Lit Van Phan

The main themes of miniature landscape art are mountains and islands with some plants, all of which are placed in a shallow basin similar to a tray made of clay. Traditionally, the Hon Non Bo was placed in the middle of a rectangular water container made of bricks and stucco. It was arranged in such a way that it looked like an island amidst a body of water, especially the sea. Now many Hon Non Bo are in shallow, tray-like contaners, convenient for indoor or outdoor decoration.

This is an excellent how-to book with numerous color and B&W photos.

$24.47 from Amazon